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How he helped a business owner and his family

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How he helped a widow

After 40 years of marriage, Cathy recently lost her husband and now must supervise the finances her husband once managed
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Simplifying Financial Lives

One's financial life can be complex. When plans, programs, accounts, and policies are managed by different professionals, each offering different advice at different times, thousands or even millions of dollars can fall through the cracks. At Denver Wealth Advisors, we specialize in coordinating the efforts of a variety of professionals, including attorneys and accountants, to help ensure that clients' professional advice is working in harmony, and that their money is working efficiently for them.

Denver Wealth Advisors simplify planning for our clients' future by offering a comprehensive range of services:

  • Complete financial planning that shows exactly what is needed to fund personal goals in life
  • Retirement income planning that's structured to provide the retirement lifestyle a client envisions
    • Investment options to mitigate plan risks
    • Options to monetize assets during retirement
  • Investment planning designed to help reach specific goals
    • Asset allocation strategies built around risk tolerance
    • On-going investment plan management
    • Quarterly performance reports
  • Succession planning and exit strategies for closely held businesses or private investments
  • Estate planning to preserve legacies
  • Insurance solutions to protect against risk
  • Tax management

Trust and Estate Solutions – Protecting legacies

Estate tax laws are complex and how one's assets are managed today will have a direct impact on heirs. At Denver Wealth Advisors we can:

  • Recommend trust strategies to protect estates from unnecessary taxes and fees.
  • Develop plans to help provide funding for the care of elderly parents
  • Develop a succession plan for family businesses that can avoid the burden of potentially crippling tax liabilities and probate-related expenses for heirs
  • Create a beneficiary designation plan to minimize taxes and maximize the amount passed on to heirs or charities.
  • Control the distribution of assets in cases where beneficiaries may have difficulty managing their financial affairs.

We work with retirees, corporate executives, and business owners and take special care to designate how and when estate assets will be distributed, not just to whom. The right choices can help avoid long and costly probate proceedings and expensive tax liabilities for beneficiaries and heirs.

Planning for the eventuality that one spouse will survive the other can make life much easier during a time of grief and loss. Aaron Hersch, at Denver Wealth Advisors, has extensive experience helping the recently widowed come to terms with their loss and manage their financial lives going forward. We explain, in layman terms, everything that Denver Wealth Advisors can provide during this sensitive time. From assets and investments, to financial plans and fees, we deliver a strategy that makes this transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Team Approach

Financial planning touches upon many areas - investing, tax, retirement, and estate planning just to name a few. In order to create a comprehensive financial plan, Denver Wealth Advisors coordinates all aspects of clients' financial affairs by working with their attorney, CPA and other professionals. Should our clients need guidance outside our expertise, we're able to recommend exceptional professionals.